Yesterday, Chris Bates (former head lacrosse coach at Princeton) came out with a letter to the lacrosse community expressing his regret and his sorrow for his actions involving him shoving down Brown midfielder John Yozzo-Scaperrotta on April 2, 2016.  After reading this letter and seeing the video (Link here: of the event, I feel no sorrow for the coach and the situation that he is in regarding his coaching career. As a player, I have dealt with consistent amounts of smack talk and insults from players, fans, and even social media. Never once have I pushed, shoved, or made contact with another player outside of the rules or regulations of the game.  As a coach, Bates is held to an even higher standard of character and integrity, and should, for sure, have more composure than his players. The act done in the video shows a lack of maturity in the coaching staff and that is completely unacceptable. I think this comes at a right time as I believe that Princeton is due for a coaching change anyways seeing that they have barely won just over 50% of their games for the past 4 years, and have only achieved double-digit wins two times since Chris Bates was hired in 2010 (they went 11-5 both times). That being said, I will not deny the fact that they have played a difficult schedule every year, but I am in the mindset that their numbers should be a bit better. I think Chris Bates will be a great high school coach for the elite program at Episcopal Academy in Pennsylvania.  He has seen the recruiting scene for a while and knows what college coaches look for in HS players. I whole-heartedly believe that he has learned his lesson on composure, but I do not believe he deserves a second chance at Princeton.  After a few years in high school, Bates may be hired in college again if an institution deems that he is worthy of another opportunity at coaching.

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