The Joe Show

With Joey Buckets and Franco Estores


The Joe Show started with a simple YoutTube video covering Game 7 of the 2016 Western Conference Finals. I, Joseph Hastings, did a 30-minute reaction video that had low quality and an unprofessional setting. That is when Richard German contacted me about the possibility of creating our own website and covering sports. I instantly knew whom I wanted on my team, what type of website it would be, and the social media platforms that we would use to broaden our brand. I contacted Franco Estores and asked if he could produce articles at a solid pace and do a debate show between him and myself. Franco was onboard immediately, but then I came across a problem concerning other sports like MLB and soccer.

Franc Rich setting up

Since Franco and I focus primarily on the NBA and the NFL, I knew I had to get people who were intelligent enough in baseball and soccer to be our lead analyst. I then got in touch with Buchholz pitcher Max Pearton to be our senior analyst for the Joe Show’s baseball division, and I was able to get Oak Hall soccer alumni Adham Oweiss to be our senior analyst for the soccer division. Collin Kane, Dawson Adolfsson, and Graham Hardcastle were also added to our show as contributors to the soccer division. With Alex Constantinidis as our host/senior analyst for our lacrosse division, and Richard German doing the behind the scenes setup, I felt like we were set to roll. Then, Alex (also known as “AC”) informed us that he wasn’t able to be our moderator for a weekend where we needed to do a show in order to have content for our website.

debate 2

The latest addition to our team was Daniela Urdaneta, someone who we were able to convince to join our team due to her aspirations for filming and acting. Once Daniela became our moderator, our team was set and we were ready to go. After filming our first video and creating an abundance of social media outlets, the dream of covering sports and having fun while doing so began.